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Sporting Clays

one of the blinds

Sporting Clays is a clay pigeon shooting sport. Often described as golf with a shotgun, the sport differs from skeet and trap shooting in that it involves shooting clays at various locations which are launched at different velocities and angles. The original idea behind sporting clays was to create an experience that more closely reflects actual hunting conditions. Whereas top-tier skeet and trap professionals may have hit ratings nearing 100%, the best sporting clay shooters hit their targets only about 85% of the time.

Although the sport is challenging, it is quite popular with novice shooters and ordinary hunters. While professional shooters opt for expensive double-barreled or autoloading shotguns, the game can be equally enjoyed with an inexpensive pump-operated hunting piece. Naturally, safety is paramount. Proper hearing and eye protection is required while on the course.

Our typical course will consist of 8-14 stations. Varying numbers of clay singles/pairs are shot at each station, with the total shots for an outing adding up to 50 (two boxes of shells). Targets are thrown at different angles and speeds; sometimes across the shooters view, towards the shooter, or away from the shooter. The shots are intended to simulate hunting for quail, grouse, pheasant, pigeon, or other game. Some stations includes traps that throw targets from tall towers simulating high-flying ducks or geese. There is usually one station that will have targets that roll and bounce along the ground to simulate rabbits.

Public Sporting Clay shoots are held four times each summer and are open to the public. Questions? Contact @ (608) 575-1454

2014 Results (pdf)

2013 Schedule/Results (pdf)

2012 Results (pdf)

2011 Schedule Results (pdf)

2010 Schedule Results (pdf)

Public Shoot Event Info:

  • First Squad out at 9:30 a.am.
  • Last Squad out at 3:00 p.m.
  • 8 - 10 stations set-up (variable)
  • 50 target event
  • Entry Fee - $14.00
  • Lewis Class (optional) - $4
  • Raffle (optional) - $2
Photo of boat shooting

The Oregon Sportsman Club shotgun shooting is strictly regulated by a Conditional Use Permit Issued by Dane County. Failure to follow these hours could result in loss of shotgun shooting privileges.

Shooting hours are restricted to the following: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Trap & skeet shooting is also allowed 2 designated Saturdays per month from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. ALL OTHER TIMES ARE PROHIBITED. Hunter Safety courses are not restricted. Shooting on a federal holiday is prohibited. PLEASE NOTE: SHOOTING DURING UNAUTHORIZED TIMES CAN GREATLY JEOPARDIZE THE CLUB’S RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR NEIGHBORS, AND OUR EXISTENCE!!

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