The United Clay Busters of America – Local 505 celebrated an impressive 10 years of trapshooting at the Oregon Sportsman’s Club by taking home their second consecutive Class AA championship. This was the team’s fourth time vying for the AA title. The Local 505 posted heartbreaking losses to the S/S Boys in 2009 and Sport Products in 2012 during championship shoot offs. Luck was on their side in 2013 when they were redeemed during a shoot out with Sport Products, emerging victorious and taking home the victory.

“No Shoot Offs. This was our goal in 2014,” said Local 505 ace Alex Schmalz. “It’s not that winning is everything but that losing in a shoot off hurts so bad.” As expected, the United Clay Busters lived up to their mission and outshot the S/S Boys by eight birds for the first half title, and Sport Products by 24 birds for the second. Win or lose, a great night was had by all.

The team has three founding members, Mike Kriefski, Shawn Harper and John Krull, who began shooting at the club in 2005. Alex Schmalz and Jeff Szpak joined in 2007 and 2013, respectively. The Local 505 also has three legacy members, John Sarter and Andy Kuruzar (2005–2006), and Curt Hanke (2007–2012).

Not surprisingly, the Local 505 has their sights set on a three-peat in 2015. Five returning championship shooters will take the field in May, gunning for glory and the all-important bragging rights. You’re invited to keep up with their adventures in trap season at