On Saturday, November 15, 2014, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the Oregon Sportsman’s Club to celebrate the purchase of the first All Terrain Wheelchair (ATWC) to be housed in Dane County Wisconsin.

This event was the result of much work and partnership by Access Ability Wisconsin™ with the support and partnership with the Oregon Sportsman’s Club (OSC) and Dane County Pheasant Forever, a grant via the Wisconsin DNR,  along with many volunteers, businesses and contributors. The event was covered by local newspapers, Wisconsin Outdoor News, and NBC Channel 15.

Monica Kamal opened the ceremony providing background about the All-Terrain Wheelchair (ATWC) initiative and how the Access Ability Wisconsin (AAW) team in partnership with the above organizations and individuals took an idea formed in July 2013 and in little more than a year has been able to acquire this invaluable resource. The ATWC is for use by individuals with physical mobility challenges so that they too may be able to get out and enjoy Wisconsin’s wonderful outdoor resources whether it is to hunt, fish or to just stroll down a Wisconsin public trail.

Key speakers at the ribbon cutting were Steve D’Orazio – OSC, Doug Fendry – Pheasants Forever and Scott Gunderson – WI DNR. They all were very outspoken about the “need” for such a chair and how this will definitely benefit everyone. Users of the chair will be able to participate in outdoor activities as an active member with their friends and family. Use of the chair by individuals with mobility issues will enable them to mentor youth and adults on how to enjoy and be responsible in the participation of outdoor sporting activities.

The ATWC will be stored at the Oregon Sportsman’s Club and may be reserved by going to: http://accessabilitywi.org/  and click on “Contact Us” to find the reservation form or call: 608-886-9388 Access Ability WI. Please go to the AAW website to find out more about us.

Submitted by: 
Monica Kamal and Ray Anderson
Access Ability Wisconsin™
Oregon Sportsman’s Club Members