Hunter Safety Internet Field Day at Oregon Sportsman’s Club
September 19, 2015

Thirty-six students attended the internet field day. Prior to the field day, each student completed and received a certificate upon passing a DNR certified online Hunter Safety course. Each student must turn in their certificate at registration.

All 36 students did extremely well. On the written test, 35 students scored 95% or better with 22 obtaining a 100% score. For the field test, 27 students achieved a 100% score with everyone achieving 90% or better. During the Field Test, students must provide correct responses on and demonstrate their safe firearm handling knowledge and skills.

As always, we received numerous positive comments about the Oregon Sportsman’s Club facilities and grounds.

Attached is the graduation picture including the students electing to be a part of the class picture.

The Madison Area Safe Hunters Instructor Team appreciates the Oregon Sportsman’s Club support of hunter safety and the use of its facilities. This type of support continues to be extremely important as we grow our future hunters.

Thank you,
Ray Anderson
Hunter Safety Education Instructor
Member, Oregon Sportsman’s Club

Photo by Anthony Lindsey