On August 8, 2015, Access Ability Wisconsin (AAW), Dane County Pheasants Forever partnering with the Oregon Sportsman’s Club (OSC) Sporting Clay Team and Max Creek Outdoors wrapped up its May – August raffle fund raiser at OSC. The raffle fund raiser was a success with a net of $2,000 towards our next All-Terrain Wheelchair (ATWC).

A number of individuals with physical mobility challenges successfully shot sporting clays while using an ATWC. For one person, it was a first in a long time of being able to get out like this. It worked out so well he did two rounds and is now preparing to participate in other outdoor and hunting activities.

During the event, the Schnabel family presented Steve D’Orazio with a donation of $1,500 to go towards funding another All-Terrain Wheelchair. Their son/brother Jeremy was killed in a vehicle accident on March 17th. He was an avid hunter and for many years was a member of the Oregon Sportsman’s Club and shot trap at OSC with his brother and uncles. This contribution in memory of Jeremy will go a long way towards acquiring another ATWC so that individuals with physical mobility challenges are able to get outdoors and enjoy hunting and other outdoor sporting activities.

We thank Mike, Penny, Kristy and Jason Schnabel for your generous donation.

Winners of the raffle drawing were: Douglas Head – Ruger SR1911 Stainless handgun and Craig Wheeler – Benelli Super Black Eagle II shotgun.

Should you want to join in furthering AAW’s mission, please email [email protected] or call us at 608-886-9388.

Thank you for your support!

Access Ability Wisconsin
Dane County Pheasants Forever
Oregon Sportsman’s Club

In photograph: Jim Herwig using an ATWC for Sporting Clays. Photo by Tom Thoresen