We hope this update finds all of our club members doing well and healthy. Thank you to everyone who attended our annual meeting and to everyone who submitted votes for our two open board positions prior to the meeting. We are excited to welcome Mary Jensen and Chris “Clump” Richardson to the Oregon Sportsman’s Club board.

At the annual meeting we talked that the week prior to the meeting we had to replace the well at the club. The cost of this was $12,000. We are also set to have insulation put in the clubhouse and archery room ceilings. These are two very large expenses to the club but much needed and could not be put off any longer. We now have drinkable water at the club which is quite exciting!

We also discussed at the annual meeting that we will be holding a raffle this year. With the cancellation of all of our winter archery, the club will see a loss of roughly $10,000. This is a huge loss to our club. We need to replenish this lost income. We have seen many memberships not renewed due to the cancellation of archery. Archery will be back and we hope that you all will continue your memberships. Our board will start the planning of the raffle at our next meeting in April. We welcome any ideas that you all may have.

We are very excited about our upcoming trap league. Emails have been sent out to last year’s team inquiring about your interest this year. As many of you are aware, there is an ammunition shortage nationwide. There is simply no ammunition to be found. The club was able to purchase 26 cases to have at the club. All ammunition at the club is now locked up. We hope that this is only temporary until ammunition is available in abundance again. When purchasing ammunition at the club, there will be a limit of 2 boxes. If you are at the club to shoot and need shells, you may purchase. You may not purchase and take home with you and stockpile. We want to be able to offer shells to those who need them.

A concern we are facing is our membership. We would like to share with you the VERY first paragraph written from the first annual meeting minutes: “Nearly a year and a half ago, in February of 1970, a group of men interested in hunting and conservation gathered at the Sportsman’s Bar in Oregon to discuss the possibility of organizing a gun or sportsman’s club.”

51 years later we are all here and enjoying this club that those men built for us. As we have heard continuously throughout this unprecedent time in our country due to the COVID pandemic, we need to come together. We need to all come together and support our club. It’s a special, beautiful piece of land that means something to all of us for many different reasons and has so much to offer. We have open shooting on select Saturday’s each month, indoor and outdoor archery ranges, mowed trails to walk or run your dog, foot access to Hook Lake and the opportunity to gather with your fellow club members in the clubhouse. One of those men who started the club in 1970 is still with us at the club. We are blessed to know that we can find Mr. Jim Rowe at the club on Thursday nights to visit with. We need to keep this club together and continue to improve it for the next generation. That next generation is enjoying the club right now with their families.

Simply put, we need your membership to survive. The money from membership dues is greatly needed to keep your club running and pay the bills and maintenance.

We thank you in advance for your continued support of our club.


Oregon Sportsman’s Club Directors and Board